Double Margarita    Reposado, Combier, house mix, lime, salt   12.50

Manhattan    Bourbon, sweet vermouth, Combier, bitters, bourbon cherry   13

Double Martini   Gin, dry vermouth, olives   12

Moscow Mule   Vodka, ginger liquor, ginger beer, lime   13

Dark 'n Stormy    Dark rum, ginger liquor, ginger beer, ginger, bitters, lime   12.50

Cosmo    Vodka, Combier, raspberry, lime, simple syrup   13.50

Lemon Drop    Vodka, Combier, lemon, lemon simple syrup, sugar rim   13.50

Ravenna Whip   Vodka, Combier, OJ, vanilla cream   13

Empress G & T  Empress gin, all natural pea blossom, tonic, grapefruit   13

Irish Coffee   Whiskey, coffee, whipped cream   11

Kentucky Mule   Bourbon, ginger liquor, ginger beer, lime   13

Yai Chai   Bourbon, Combier, frothed milk, Oregon chai   13

Bloody Mary   Organic vodka, house mix   11.50 

Spicy Mary   Organic vodka, house mix   11.75

Hot Husky   Coffee liquor, frothed milk, cream   11

Bryant Toddy   Bourbon, Combier, honey, lemon   13

Hot Apple Toddy   Dark rum, Combier, honey, lemon   13


Classic    French Brut with Evolution OJ    
Glass   8.5    Pitcher   32

Bryant    Prosecco, Evolution pink grapefruit juice    Glass   9   Pitcher   34

Spring    French Brut, Evolution lemonade, and cranberry    Glass   9    Pitcher   34



Schilling Grapefruit on tap   7.50

Seattle Cider Dry (can)  7.50

Local Beer on Tap  ( 20 Ounce Mug )

Manny's   Pale Ale   7

Mac 'N Jacks  African Amber  7

Bodhizafa   Award winning IPA   7.50

Lucille IPA   7.50

Rotating Seasonal   7

Crux Pilsner   7

Bottled Beer

Heineken   6
Corona   6



Barrel Press   Our house red. A red blend from Washington State with Merlot, Cabernet and Malbee

7.00 / 22.00

Goulart Malbec  Intense aromas of plums, sour cherry, and floral nuance in this Argentinian Malbec

8.00 / 24.00

Chateau De Cabriac Carignan   Aromas of ripe fruit and currant within this French red

8.00 / 26.00

Lionello Marchesi Chianti   A juicy and fresh Italian Chianti that has black pepper and allspice with tastes of plum and cherry

8.00 / 24.00

Christopher Michael Pinot Noir   A rich Oregon wine with a burst of cherry

8.00 / 24.00

Auspicion Cabernet   A Washington wine - bold and fruity

8.00 / 24.00


Barrel Press Chardonnay   Our house white. A Chardonnay from Washington State - crisp and refreshing
7.00 / 22.00

Kiona Riesling  100% Columbia Valley in an off dry style with succulent fruits and delicate floral notes
.00 / 24.00

Christopher Michael Chardonnay   Displays tropical fruits that are complimented with a touch of oak
8.00 / 24.00

Auspicion Sauvignon Blanc   Select fruit from California - lively, rich apple and citrus with white flowers
8.00 / 24.00

Chateau De Cabriac Grenache Blanc   Fragrances of white blossom, pear, and honey
8.00 / 26.00

Christopher Michael Pinot Grigio   An Oregon white wine with hints of citrus and tropical fruit
8.00 / 24.00

Alverdi Pinot Grigio   Italian crisp white with lively fruit flavors
8.00 / 24.00

Rose & Bubbly

Duc De Valmer Brut   An elegant French chilled sparkling white wine
8.00 / 25.00

San Martino Prosecco  An Italian sparkling wine DOC extra dry - perfect with dessert
9.00 / 26.00

Milbrandt Rose   Washington wine with aromas of strawberries and red currants and a slight hint of quince
8.00 / 24.00


Margaritas for 4    30.00

Margaritas for 2    18.00

Classic Mimosa Pitcher    27.00

Bryant Mimosa Pitcher    30.00

Drinks available for take-out with ID for adults 21+!