Margarita    Reposado, Cambier, house mix, blood orange, lime, salt.    9

Dark & Stormy   Dark rum, ginger liqueur, ginger beer, bitters, fresh ginger, and lime.    10

Dirty Mocha   Coco nib vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso, milk, chocolate, whipped cream.  10

Seatucky    2 Bar bourbon, pure maple syrup, coffee, and whipped cream.   10

Bloody Mary   Organic vodka, house mix   8

Mary & The Monkey    Hot Monkey, 5 chili infused vodka, house mix.    9

Ravenna Whip   Vodka, Combier, OJ, vanilla, cream. Like a spiked Orange Julius.  10

Screwdriver   Vodka, evelution OJI orange.  8

Greyhound   Vodka, Evelution grapefruit, lemon.   8

Irish Coffee   Kern Irish Whiskey, coffee, whipped cream.   7

Hot Husky   Coffee liqueur, steamed milk, whipped cream   6

Hot Apple Toddy   Dark rum, steamed Ryan's apple cider, caramel.   10


Classic   French Brut with Evolution OJ.        Glass  6.5              Pitcher 25

Bryant    Prosecco, Evolution pink grapefruit juice.      Glass  8        Pitcher  30

Spring    French Brut, Evolution lemonade, and cranberry.    Glass  7    Pitcher  27


                                        On Tap

Mannys, Mac & Jacks, Bodhizafa, a rotating ale, and a rotating lager     6 

Semi-sweet cider and a rotating cider    6.50


Fat tire, Heineken, Erdinger ( non- alcoholic)    4 

From Maritime Pacific Old Seattle Lager, Islander Pale Ale      5